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Now that people throughout the 4 dimensions are interacting through isimag, there is a growing need(in fact it was one of the suggestions we received) to include an ‘about the author’ section in the magazine. Thus the contents page bulged in size to give you a necessary and sufficient knowledge about the heads behind the following headings…




  • BSTAT first yearers are known for their love for poetry. This time we have Samsiddhi Bhattacharya as the budding poet of the issue. He succeeds Kshitij Khare (Kakophonix), the poet laureate of the previous issue.

  • From BSTAT second year, we have Sayandev Chakravorty , looking in retrospect at the first event of this semester, Freshers’ Welcome.

  • And again from B-II, Souvik Ghosh is out to prove their literary genius with his short story ‘Amnesia’.

  • The grand old men of ISI, MSTAT-II people are not far behind, Debabrata Rakshit reviews the tragedies of a cyber-love story Love in the times of Kargil. Incidentally this is debo's first venture into the literary circuits. His fame in the cultural scenario mainly rested on his wonderful mimicry ( not to mention his cuckoo-songs in the bathroom).

  • We have a new column this time How's Life. And this time as a columnist we have Mr. J. Alfred Prufrock to write in it.

  • As was expected, isimag did prove itself to be the parliament of isi student community. Here is Mr. Ashok Sarkar who would like to bring into attention of the isi students a very important notice.

  • And last but not the least, the ‘editorial’, which combines with ISI news to give you a complete picture of What’s-new-What’s-up in ISI.