Mr. scientist cut a joke;and
                The people into laughter broke.
                Here is how the story goes-
                Listen friends and other folks.
          They were sure he was learned;but 
          Wondered of what stuff he was made, 
          For ne'er in him joy did they sight.
          he was a person with little delight.
                Mostly bothered by his work, 
                The scientist bore a grim face. 
                Never a smile was seen to spark, 
                Oh! but his gravity was his ace.

          Friends and company a lot had he
          But seldom was there joy to see.             
          Grasped by boredom sure they were 
          Honourable as he was;they had to bear.
                Then the day came, the one I mean             
                His new invention had come to the scene
                Sure he was hearty,for they could see
                Him dance gayly in the party. 

          Not a solemn party they still can swear
          And the scientist had a joke to share.
          What was it ? They cannot say,
          I'll tell you what happened that day.
                'Twas something about his invetion.
                For them it was beyond comprehension.
                He chuckled through his thick grave beard
                And peels of laughter soon were heard!

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          Remember his jest was not a waste,
          For then they knew,though made of steel-
          He had a heart which could feel...