Web Page Magazine,  January, 2001 

In the light of all the controversy regarding the calendar, and the
final enlightment thereafter, now we can safely wish all our readers


Now for some news in ISI. Since the last month, academic atmosphere in
ISI had been particularly active. Prof Gopinath Kallianpur, the first 
director of  ISI (1976-78), under the new constitution, visited us, and
was awarded an honorary DSc. degree by ISI, on the day of the convocation.
An international seminar on stochastic process was also held in his honour.

The second international seminar held in honour of the eightieth birthday
of Prof C.R.Rao was graced by Prof. Rao himself and ISISMag had the most
fortunate opportunity of interviewing the person, who is considered as 
among the five most astounding Indian scientists in the 21st century.

For the rest, life at ISI flows peacefully as usual. After an early 
convocation, people are slowly settling down chatting of all the experiences
during the tour. Not to forget of the trauma of the sem papers that one 
occasionally finds coming out these days. Nevertheless, as you know, we in
ISI have those rare qualities found in some ancient Gaulish villages, during
Julius Caesar's time. However the story might go on, we always end with a

Hope this issue reminds of this SPIRIT of ISI to all of you. 
Love and best wishes!

Ediotors : Soumik Pal, Pritam Ranjan , Sarang Sane and Samsiddhi Bhattacharya.