Charlatan is charmed. Previously he used to think that he is a forgetful person of great stature. But now he is realizing that all great persons are forgetful as well , and great in the field of forgetfulness , too ! So charlatan is a bit relieved , of course. After all , everyone should follow the footprints of the great ones.

A sycophant of Atal Behari Vajpayee was retorting to Charlatan that his leader was an exception and committed to " no-forgetfulness". He continued his argument ," Vajpayee remembered the super-flop Lahore bus diplomacy and so he didn’t try that one with Bangladesh. Instead he visited Dhaka by air this time." Charlatan didn’t counter him. Everyone knows how dangerous these sycophants are once you go for a debate with them .

But charlatan has a question for Vajpayee. Can’t Vajpayee remember those old days of Sino-indian war in ’62, when he asked for a parliamentary session to discuss the cause and course of the war ? If he can remember , why he is reluctant this time to call for a Rajyasabha session after the chaos of Kargil ?

Now here comes " the best person from the best family in the best country" – obviously you can guess the name . Yes, it is Sonia Gandhi, the recent successor of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty (1947-) in India. She declared that every drop of her blood is for India and only for India. First we should applaud her with claps. Then a humble Charlatan wants to ask her a small question. When in ’71 Indo-pak war broke out , India was really in a crisis and every Indian was exhorted to give his/her best for the country. Instead of doing something , not necessarily shedding a drop of blood, Sonia flew to Italy to continue there to the termination of the war. Was she mobilizing support for India in Italy then ? We understand though she is basically an Indian , she has an unforgetful relation with Italy , which rejoiced and celebrated on hearing the possibility of first Italian P.M. of India , in April- So better to forget that episode of ’71. In the meantime that very sycophant of Vajpayee again observed at her ," What she has done with the money of amount 500 crores of Rajib Gandhi Foundation ?" But sycophants are sycophants and we rarely need to take them seriously.

As the two projected future P.M.’s are racing in forgetfulness can the third one , the self-projecting Comrade from Bengal be far behind ? This old fellow is not forgetting anything, but he is not merely recalling anything at all, like his whole-hearted support extended to China on the outbreak of Sino-indian war, his incredible silence to support India during previous Indo-Pak wars and so follows the list. But old people do have recall lapses. So please don’t harass the Lord from Bengal.

Charlatan thought that our army generals have achievements against Pakistan only. But it is not so as they also have achievements in the field of forgetfulness ,too. They bought Bofors guns and forgot to bring ammunitions for the guns. They awarded somebody Param Vir Chakra posthumously forgetting the fact, that very person is struggling to survive in a hospital bed.

If you yet have not left the article as a boring one , have you noticed how forgetful is Charlatan himself ? The annual poll festival is knocking at the door and Charlatan is still busy with previous Kargil knock from Pakistan. As the poll is arriving , it is high time for the candidates to forget about forgetting promises and remembering and reviving them to go through this annual ordeal of election. Every candidate has some excuses for forgetting. But what Vinod Mehra has told is no excuse. He declared his innocence to his voters ,"The govt. lasted only for

thirteen months. It is a pretty small time to fulfill the promises given. Moreover the first eight months has passed before understanding whether this govt. will last or not. The next five months has passed just to chalk out a plan how the promises could be fulfilled."

Charlatan is determined – he has to get teachings from Mr. Mehra- the art of forgetting and remembering at right time the mechanism how the forgetting happened.


- Charlatan