My First Poem

   Age after age,page after page
   I scratched my head for a poetic phrase
   But now and then in fits of rage
   I threw it all over the backyard hedge.

		Damn my head,
			It seemed so dumb!
		My pen was still,
			My fingers numb!

   Myself I lost lost in a poetic maze,
   Before my eyes lay a hundred ways
   A single light with shimmering rays
   Amidst the dark it caught my gaze.

		And lo! like magic 
		       Went my pen
		Relieved ,as it were 
		       From an iron-chain.
   My heart did thump,my hand did shake
   'Twas a poem indeed that I did make!
   A jump in joy did I take...
   Oh! the dream was lost and I did wake !
                  THE END