Just Another Evening Today evening, after the Farewell night (or morning as well, I should say), I came and sat on the Lounger Chhad. My eyes were a bit heavy and drowsy with sleep and the aftereffect of many things that flowed in the morning, and I don't mean just the tears. As I sat there, I thought about all the evenings and nights I, no WE, had spent there. All those Yo-Yo ing on the 'Spot', those cacophonies of Y2K, melodies and all. That night around the fire. Those lounge cricket games. And yes, all those nights, when all of us would sit or walk up and down thinking, criticizing, analyzing so many "Important" things that would invariably keep happening. Oh! how can I forget all the time when we would just sit there and do "Bhaat". And when I would sit on one of those 3 chairs waiting for the phone to ring. And many more things that I have perhaps forgotten. Meanwhile a few people came up to me and said something. I don't know what they said or what I told them. Sorry, actually I was busy talking to a few numbers. "37","38","41","42","43" asked me, "Are we just numbers to you?". I was speechless for a moment. How can these be just numbers to me? "You are much more than that. You are memories to me which I can never forget", I said. Then I turned left and many more numbers asked me the same question. How can I explain to all of them. As I kept sitting over there, so many vivid pictures flashed past in front of my eyes. It was as if I was flipping through the pages of an old photo-album. Each and every photo had its own story to tell, but it couldn't talk to me. I don't know whether they were not able to talk to me or were I not able to understand what they were saying. Whatever; it was nice looking at them. Well, I just want to say, "ISI ka naam Zindagi." Sorry all, I didn't want to give Sentu, but I couldn't stop myself from writing this. -Nitin.