Web Page Magazine,  November, 2000 

 WOW! That was a    big break. But I believe  anyone who has even a
 little acquaintance with ISI  life will  excuse us for the 'lethe'
 ( pronounced l-a-the ) which is also an  integral   part of us. In
 the meantime, we were really glad to find so many people inquiring
 about this silence. Thanks for the concern.

 As  you can  see, we have had   a 'mean-shift'.   Thanks  to CSSC and 
 Debashishda that we are also being able to show the magazine in isical
 address. The   cost that we   had to pay for it is getting a new name

 ISISMAG, the extra 'S' is for 'Students'. All communications 
 henceforth should be  to address.

 Hope you enjoy this issue and get closer to ISI as you read through.