It is quite some time now that our last edition was out on the web. Those who are ‘connoisseurs’ of ISI rules will know that we were busy with our semestrals in November, and out in the annual tour on December. So the magazine could be updated only on January.

Anyway, the New Year is in, no fears of Y2K, it is a really good time to wish all the best to every one of our readers. Have a wonderfully nice year! Just one note, since there is a lot of confusion as to whether we have really reached a new millenium this year, or not, the answer was surely NO. And most of the people knew that. But it is not the millenium that mattered, the impatience of our age, and the fact that people needed just an excuse to start a new party, which showed up. Still there is nothing to blame, if it had not been for the media. The Millennium Star, the Millennium singer, the Millenium album…. Millennium, Millennium…can we really, with our small brain, conceive what a millennium IS? People whose judging powers are restricted to a decade or two, are out voting for a period of thousand years…that is ridiculous. Can we really feel the effect of Akbar on his age? Or, what a surprise the Golcoonda fort must have generated, when it was first built, or the revolution of Tansen in the music world, or even for that matter what odds Swami Vivekananda had to fight, before making it to the top. Most of the T.V. channels were busy serving the old wine in the new bottle called the Millennium. How many of them ever brought into consideration how the human life has changed in all these years? Are we to assume history has lost its significance? Or that entertainment has to be cheap?

As T.S.Eliot remarked, there are three steps: information, knowledge and wisdom. In this age of information technology, we should be alert that it is wisdom that we aim to, the source of all contentment, and not lose ourselves in the never-ending maze of information.

Anyway, a statistician is always there to save you.

Two more points…

  1. Preparations for our fest INTEGRATION 2000 are gearing up. Any sort of help is more than welcome. For details, visit isiintegration.homepage.com
  2. Isimag.tripod.com works fine. So you might try that as well.

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