Smile a while and take me a Mile

There is Romance in the air.As always ,lot of rumours are floating around
and lot of "Flat" truths are coming out.I thought even i should dare
and share my Romance with you.As you read on,you will see that i've
revealed a SECRET that i've kept from you for a long time.

It was one more evening during Durga puja.It was 5:30 p.m .
I was getting bored and suddenly a thought passed my
mind.why not go out to have a look at the lively city.
I got ready  and was out of my room in 10 minutes. I had not decided where
to go. I came out of the campus and immediately was part of the
huzbuzz.Lots of lightings ,lots of people ; it was indeed lively.

Well, as usual i boarded a tin box(bus) and got down at shyambazar.oh,not
really, the bus got stuck in a traffic jam and i had to walk some distance
to reach the place.But that was fine with me.Atleast when i walk, my life
is less at peril than when i'm inside these recklessly driven buses.
I admire Sylvester stallone for skillfully clinging on to those cliffs in
"cliff hanger".But  wait till he tries out one of these buses ,i bet it
won't be as easy.

I walked almost mechanically to the metro station .But i didn't go into 
the metro station.I didn't feel like doing so.instead i kept on walking.
I thought ,i would  have more fun walking.With some  kinetic energy that
i was already putting to use and with the potential energy that i had in 
my pockets i felt ,i would really enjoy the evening.

"But was i to go alone?.....How i wished i had some company ..",I had not
thought of this before and had blindly started on my journey . But as
these thoughts flashed by ,I felt a Feminine presence  beside me.I
realised she had been following me all the while.I looked at her and
couldn't help smiling.What luck!,i wouldn't have thought she would
accompany me. At this point i don't like to reveal the identity of this
person.It would be great if you can guess who she is!.

She was beautifully dressed up for the occasion. I was glad she was with
me. "You look really gorgeous ,but many girls of this city
seem to dress up a bit too much",i remarked.she didn't reply but gave an
enigmatic smile as if  to conceal her confused reactions to my compliment.
As we moved, looking at all the pandals ,i said "Hope i don't get
lost.I've never walked from  here to Esplanade before."
Her pleasing smile  allayed my fears .I knew ,I didn't have to worry when
she was there with me. 

No matter how the pandals look,it is a treat to see the enthusiasm of
these people in decorating the pandals.I was  moving along with a big
crowd. As it happens the dormant calcutta police become very active during
pujas and enjoy directing the crowd here and there.One pot bellied
officer wanted to make me  cross the main road.Though i had no intentions
of doing so, he would not rest until i did. So i crossed the road along
with a large crowd which was as confused as i was.
After crossing the main road ,we were all directed into a narrow path
bounded on left and right by bamboo bars . This path was created on the
pavement and it had gates whenever a road crossing these pot
bellied police officers would suddenly bring down the bamboo stick which
was acting as the gate and we would stop,a large crowd would cut our
path and when they were done it would be our turn to rush like mad.Moving
between those bamboo bars I felt like a cow getting ready for slaughter.

This went on for sometime  and they again made me cross the main road !!.
Now we were in front of the "calcutta fire brigade".
"Look! the fire brigade is on fire !" I told her,for it was well decorated
with serial lights.Again she wouldn't talk and she was just smiling
beautifully ,apparently enjoying my humor.That was her way you see.she
would almost speak nothing . But that was enough for me .One smile of 
her's could take me a mile.

I looked at a big pandal on the way and thought of having a  look inside
I  moved into the pandal,but after  a few seconds  found myself out of
the pandal again and was facing an empty street.I was puzzled ,"where was
the idol of durga!??".I retraced my path and discovered that the goddess
occupied a highly elevated dais under which i had just passed foolishly,
to reach the rear of the pandal.I was slightly embarrased and asked
her not to laugh."I can't help it.That's what gives me my identity",she
seemed to casually remark. Though there was a heavy crowd in the pandal it
didn't take much time for me to get out .Some country bumpkin took
delight in occasionally thrusting me forward. 

I enjoyed looking at various pandals and her company made it all the more
pleasant.I had seen her for quite some time and she looked somewhat
different during pujas.she seemed to  enjoy every person's happiness  and
be part of  every person's grief. I'm so lucky that i got aquainted with
her and have been close to her for quite some time.
"Ah ! what's that  big crowd gazing at?" ,I joined the crowd looking at a
pandal with awe.It was a pandal which tried to portray the "Kaun banega
crorepati " contest.There were two idols one supposed to be the Big B and
the other ,somebody remarked was "the fellow fom calcutta who won 50
lacs".I wonder how he guessed it.To me it looked like an Extra terrestrial
Just beside it, was another similar pandal.Lots of boys and girls were
delighted ,"It's Hrithik Roshan dancing!",they jumped.  
May be it was Hrithik's portrayal afterall.But frankly speaking it didn't
even look like his carricature. 

"what does  Hrithik have  that  karthik doesn't",i mused innocently as i
turned to  her.It disturbed me to see that she was herself  enticed by hischarm.
It was a long walk by the way and we had moved together for about 4
kilometers and I found myself at Esplanade now.I felt tired and decided
to get back after dinner.

I should say ,there was some charm in her. Even after a tiring day
during pujas she seemed to remain as beautiful and as lively ,with no
trace of tiresomeness in her.Infact that's what kept up my enthusiasm
and made me enjoy the evening .I could not resist myself.
This was the first time I felt what I felt and said what I said.There was
an outflow of feelings from my heart which i didn't want to stop and
I tell you what I told her  without concealing even a bit.
"It has been a unique quality of Your's.You are always smiling.Atleast  
to me it seems so.If it hadn't been for your charm and your taste to
enjoy every speck of happiness that comes your way ,you wouldn't have
been called the ....             

                      "City of Joy".