With INTEGRATION in the air, we do have an excuse to celebrate this month. Those dreams, those thoughts, which gradually have started taking shapes, give us a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that we cannot help but rejoice.

The best part of Integration that I like is the integration, in the truest sense of ALL the ISIans. I mean those endless meetings, continuous bhaat, those days of running about together, times of appointments and disappointments, and finally bask together in the glory of success, bring all of us a lot more closer. This is where ISI stands apart. Other colleges have fests too, but there it is usually a batch affair, and the credit goes to a group or a batch. But in ISI, unless every body is involved in the job, nothing can take place. Literally, Integration is a family affair.

Let us then, making integration just an excuse, forget all our misunderstandings and heaps of petty mundane clashes and start a friendship without any pride or prejudice. AMEN.